Friday, September 17, 2010

18 minutes

That's how long I have to write, well, had to write... Is blogging self indulgent? I think it is, it's like "let me see how awesome I am at writing crazy/tragic/poetic/wise ideas." and then you get on the next day to see how many of your friends have complemented your great writing. I guess it's good that I waited a full year or so to write again, because now no one will even think about reading this.

How about this...

I work a lot, not because I need money but because money keeps me under a roof "barely"
so I guess you could say that I rely on money. So I walk around to forget about all that, the park is a great place to walk. It's pretty empty, except for the 25 homeless kids. They don't even need to be homeless, that's why it's hard to want to help, I guess. Anyway, my times up


Branden Thomas Carpenter

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Things I need to tell you

Well hello!
For me, it's been way to long. As for you, well, I don't actually know but hope very much that this blog can make amends for my time out, as it where.

The intention of this blog was to be, at first, simply "intentions: and there applicability to relationships." However, as often happens to one who uses his brain, my thoughts have strayed, and then focused, and then strayed again. And so, this will be some of the previous statement, and some thoughts provoked by the misfiring of brain synapses.
Here we go...

When the weather can't make up it's mind, and busy people are bound to busy tasks that allow only for such banter as "Looks like it might snow again today" or "man, that economy...," some people begin to watch, and others start to listen, and you and I begin to write. The mundaneness of everyday life inspires talk of economic collapse and people allow themselves to feel fear, maybe just to make sure that they can indeed still feel. There are many rabbit holes in which we all can fall these days. Some of us feel alone, others empty, others don't feel. This is not good, dear reader, this is self loathing. This is a world that needs a new point of view. And so I ask:

Have you forgotten who you are? Have you been incarcerated by selfish motives and
I'm not talking about who you are as in, who you say you are. I mean how your actions paint your picture. I want to look at the stuff that is at the root of every action. I want to talk about your intentions: The vision you have for the future, enabled by actions in the present.
May you grow in wisdom and in knowledge
I always used to think it was nice of Paul to ask God to make us smart, but I didn't realize that there is so much more meaning in this statement. Rob Bell points out that the original Greek translates wisdom and knowledge to something like... The ability to know the outcome of your actions, or the condition of being so stinking aware that you know the repercussions of your actions.
When I think about what might happen if I do "this", or maybe even "that," I suddenly realize that it's not just me being affected by the "this and that" that I choose to do, it's us. Do you see why this growth is good? Less of me, more of you Jesus, and you are love and you love people by serving them to the point of death on a cross.
People change your intentions! What outcome do you wish for your brothers and sisters? If you want them to live and love, to be fruitful and peaceful then please, pursue them with the intention of spreading Jesus' love and peace. Jesus saw us as broken, and so he healed us with abounding love. I see a world that is broken, and will not be healed by judgment or a critical eye. It will not be saved by discussing how holy you are compared to they that dwell in the midst of sin. It will be saved by Jesus' love overflowing in us.
I challenge you in every interaction in your day to consider the possible outcomes of your actions, and choose the one that will lift people up. Entreat the world to a tall glass of ice cold peace. That's what we need my friends.
Less of us, more of Him
Branden Thomas Carpenter

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Hey friends and family,

First of all, Merry Christmas! I'm so glad it's here and that I have twelve days off to enjoy it. May you all be blessed and happy and loved.

Ok, I have a date with the snow, and my lovely sister,

Branden Thomas Carpenter

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Apologies to the moon

So I saw the moon out in the day and thought, "hmm, that's queer..." and then wrote this poem. I hope you enjoy it. Just for a little setting, I was driving by Drake park when the day moon caught my glance. Golden leaves were falling all around giving off a golden hue. It was an ethereal circumstance and I couldn't stop thinking about all of the vibrant colors and then the moon on top of it all... here we go :) 

I'm sorry moon, for pretending that you were the sun
I didn't mean to paint you into the day
But when I realized what I was doing, it was already done
Sometimes I think I see your shape among the clouds
Or that you a tree, stood here beside me
I should have stayed silent, let you still in your darkened shrouds
My eyes have told a lie, led me far away from true sight
So moon, stay in the night! 
summer, winter, spring or fall, they all become night and then
YOU! moon, disappear from this cluttered view
The shimmering light of day you're running to
If you were the leaf falling, golden and crisp from that proud tree
Would you glance my brow? or just another stepping stone for my feet would you be?
But no, ever changing globe of cheese
in the night is where you weep, for you can feel his warmth
but the sun burns out of reach 
and I, somewhere in between

Thanks for reading! I know it's a bit weird and I thank you for reading in spite of that.


Branden Thomas Carpenter

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Everyone is waiting on love

I wrote a song called Everyone is waiting on Love a while ago in order to draw awareness to the fact that if everyone is waiting then no one will ever actually be loved. It was a call to action, an obvious observation that I, oh so easily... forgot. 
I slowly started to realize my state of digression whilst talking to Phil about Bo Sterns' blog on marriage and the requirements of that one special person. It's pretty funny, really, reading something like that, and all the responses from other women. I realize that I am not the intended audience, but still, I read it and it gave me something to shoot for among other things.
More importantly, I was forced to re-think my previous thoughts regarding what I look for in someone. I guess I need to tell you what those thoughts are, before I continue.

I really just got tired of making lists of expectations, and more than that I realized that no matter how much I contrived plans, they would be foiled because His is greater. She will love Jesus, I know that. And we will be headed in the same direction, I know that also. I think God is spontaneous and great and more than that omnipotent and omniscient. He alone knows, and I can't wait to be surprised and taken back when he reveals it to me. 

Which leads me to my knew standard: What I look for in a significant other is God's plan. I pray for it and search for it and live from moment to moment by it. I believe that if I stay true and faithful to God, I will see his plan unraveling in that person and in life. I trust that, I really do. I trust it because He is so good in all other aspects of my life, He is good! 

If I could write to that person it would go something like this: 

Dear future wife,
Hi!  Here are some things I've been thinking about and I really wanted to tell you. Don't try to be something that you are not. Don't hold back from letting God take control of your life, don't give up on your dreams because people say you should be a certain way, and don't worry! You are beautiful and great! Just keep your eyes on Him and he will guide you and someday we will meet and celebrate because He is so good, so true, so loving. Shine with His light! Praise Him in everything you do. He is good. 

That's all I can really write without knowing the sort of things they would be interested in, you know, like the admiration of toast and it's simplicity and tastiness. 

Ok, back to "waiting on love." It is contrary to the way Jesus lived and the way he wants us to live. I'm sorry but I'm not going to wait, I'm going to go out there and stinking love some people and hopefully stick to His plan very closely. Just like Cassie said in her enthusiastic blog that I love "Can we just love some people" (that may not be exactly right, but you get the Idea. Sorry Cassie). When we serve and love, we will find truth, and Jesus, and all the desires of our hearts.

I hope this can be encouraging to all of us young people looking for Mr. or Ms. right. Remember how you got to where you are, remember He that created you, and remember that He is an awesome God just waiting to show you how good He is. 


Branden Thomas Carpenter

Saturday, November 8, 2008

not yet...

a fleeting sunset, you grasp for the golden rays of light but cannot hold on to it's beauty. An awkward feeling rises within you as if you stumbled upon this phenomenon before you ought. With every blink it changes, and solidifies the reality that in moments there will be dark in a place of warm, perfect, breathtaking light. Thinking back, there are so many things you wish you would have admired about it, or at least appreciated the brief moment more, but it's too late. You are thankful for the unexpected glimpse, but sorely reminded that something is missing, an insatiable void left in place of what seemed so perfect and infinite. And so, you let the dark void devour the light, clinging to the glimmer of hope that only tomorrow can bring, though, I doubt very much the auburn lady will pass our way again soon. 



Thursday, October 30, 2008

A little Psalm 33... for the road

I have been reading Psalms 33 everyday now for about a week because Mekenzie recommended it to me. I love it so much, I can't explain the feeling I got the first time I read "he made your heart" 

It really is amazing that we have a God that knows us that well, he understands what we go through. He gives us joy in our hearts, and the ability to feel His anguish for lost souls. Our God is a compassionate God that is concerned with matters of the heart. I want to live for He that is all the things in this verse. Every minute of everyday I want to be concerned with God things, because He is good, and true, and totally worth it!

Thanks Kenz for the verse, I wrote it below from the international children's bible NCV for those that would like to read it. It's just like a real bible only smaller...

Praise God Who Creates and Saves!
Sing to the Lord, you who do what is right.
Honest people should praise him.
Praise the Lord on the harp. 
Make music for him on the ten-stringed lyre.
Sing a new song to him.
Play well and joyfully.
God's word is true.
Everything he does is right.
He loves what is right and fair.
The Lord's love fills the earth.
The sky was made at the Lord's command. 
By the Breath from his mouth, he made all the stars.
He gathered the water in the sea into a heap.
He made the great ocean stay in its place.
All the earth should worship the Lord.
The whole world should fear him.
He spoke, and it happened.
He commanded, and it appeared.
The Lord upsets the plans of nations.
He ruins all their plans.
But the Lord's plans will stand forever.
His ideas will last from now on. Happy is the nation whose God is the Lord.
Happy are the people he chose for his very own. 
The Lord looks down from heaven.
He sees every person.
From his throne he watches everyone who lives on earth.
He made their hearts.
He understands everything they do.
No king is saved by his great army.
No warrior escapes by his great strength.
Horses can't bring victory.
They can't save by their strength.
But the Lord looks after those who fear him.
He watches over those who put their hope in his love.
He saves them from death.
He spares their lives in times of hunger.
Sour hope is in the Lord.
He is our help, our shield to protect us.
We rejoice in him.
We trust his holy name.
Lord, show your love to us as we put our hope in you.